The Chair holder

Dr. Nikolaos E. Farantouris is the Chair holder of the Jean Monnet Chair on EU Law and Policies. He studied law at the University of Athens and completed a Master’s degree in European and Comparative Law and a Doctorate in European Law, both at the University of Oxford. He has held posts as adjunct professor, research associate or visiting lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Dresden University, Athens University, Bahçeşehir University, Marioupol State University of Humanities, Oxford University et al. An Ass. Professor at the Department of International and European Studies, University of Piraeus, the Chair holder has taught since 2002 more than 15 different modules relating to European law, Policies of the EU and European integration. He also holds posts at the European Centre of Economic and Financial Law (ECEFIL), the Centre of European Economic Law (CIEEL), the Hellenic Open University and the European Community Studies Association (ECSA-Greece) as an elected member of the Governing Board.

Before entering the academia, the Chair holder worked for a number of years at Goldman Sachs legal Department and at the international law firm Norton Rose in London, Brussels and Athens, where he handled major EC law, regulatory, antitrust, merger control, multinational cartel and state aid cases in the banking, energy and transport sectors before national and international authorities, the EU Commission and European Court of Justice. He has also gained experience as a member of the Hellenic Competition Commission involved in more than 30 decisions of the Commission, a Legal Adviser of the Hellenic Republic on EU law issues for more than 6 years, and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Greek Public Gas Corporation. He has been acknowledged as one of the “top EU competition law experts” by Global Competition.

Nikolaos E. Farantouris has authored more than 30 journal papers and 5 books (in English, French and Greek). His papers have been published among others in Revue du Marché Commun et de l’Union européenne (RMCUE), European Competition Law Review (ECLR), Revue de l’Energie, Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law (MqJICEL), Revue des Affaires Européennes (RAE), etc. His recent monographs include: The Control of State Aids for Rescue and Restructuring Companies (Athens 2006), European Integration and Maritime Transport (Brussels 2003 – Onassis Foundation Prize), Merger Control and Antitrust Enforcement in the EU and US: A Comparative Analysis (London 2003), Judicial Aspects of EU Competition Policy in Air Transport (London 2002), Shipping in European and the Emerge of A Common Maritime Transport Policy (Athens 2000).